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Challenging the known and embracing the unknown future of the civilizations

Smile, Laugh, Thrive



Meaningful Volunteerism :) Mamadomia green business services  


Just 60 sec. - Simple Smile Time
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Smile   Laugh   Thrive,   Learn and Grow   -   Life is for Living !

Yes - You Can.
People with passion can change the world for the better.

Let's - Now - Together,
Help humanity and life sustainability thrive on earth.

The earth is our mama and our domain

In short Mamadomia   (we create and patent it )

Open Healing Eco-Health Meaningful Volunteerism
Mamadomia green smile trade in services

Go for it now.
The future is promised to no one.
The most officiant way to do it, is to do it.

People of the world,

We are inviting you to contribute just 1 minute of your idle time for the common benefit of environment and people health sustainability in practice.
Everybody is welcome to contribute 1 minute of his or her time anytime and spread the Mamadomia message to other people in the planet.

Thank you.  

Mamadomia Way

Acknowledge > Proact + Unite & Share = Prosperity *, is our core formula we utilise in all of our eco-health project developments and concise way to solutions for real world problems.

Mamadomia Conceptualisation

Responding, Proacting and Furthering the initiation, utilisation and development of combined multidisciplinary global, regional and local efforts, fusing multi-challenges the Eco-Health security, critical resources depletion, occurring environmental and human health challenging changes for ensuring a sustainable and secure future prosperity for generations to come.

Mamadomia Core Assignment

Focusing primary on proactive awareness, experience, knowledge and talents recognition and exchange. We encourage people to take meaningful action to share the benefits in practice. We seek solutions through dialogue, mediation and co-operation. Achieving this by,

Developing necessary media, multimedia transtelematics for social network frameworks tools and means to exchange and share experience, knowledge and talents for common actions with our friends, associates, partners, sponsors, supporters, members and the general public.

Mamadomia Group Eco-Health Global Sustainability

Mamadomia Group Healingdom org is bringing and integrating together green economy developments experience exchange, technology cooperation, physicians, veterinarians, ecologists, economists, social scientists, planners and others to study and understand in practice how ecosystem changes affect human health and economy. Eco-Health group strives to provide innovative, practical solutions to reduce or reverse the negative health effects of ecosystem change.

Mamadomia orgs are continuously working to balance the global sustainability interests and encompass the Eco-Health multi-disciplinary strengths of the excellence in inovative research and Eco-Health education. People should really learn about how their health is tied so closely to the global environment.

The Mamadomia Eco-Health Group aims to advance sustainability research and practice, eco-knowledge integration at the interface of ecology, health and economy by initiating and promoting high quality global research and TransTelematics.

What's really important is that we think ahead. What is going to be the next eco-health safety net going forward? Eco-Business is making it clear what it needs, and the changes that it needs to grow. People now have to start saying, "In this mobile world, what do we need? What's our health and enviroment safety net going to look like?" Mamadomia Group dedicated website HOME       Healingdom Eco-Health Enterprises Pty Ltd projects PROJECTS       Healingdom Mamadomia Events EVENTS       Healingdom Eco-Health Enterprises Pty Ltd products PRODUCTS       Healingdom Eco-Health Enterprises Pty Ltd services SERVICES       Healingdom Eco-Health Enterprises Pty Ltd PR RELATIONS   Healingdom Eco-Health Enterprises Pty Ltd Network NET   Healingdom Eco-Health Enterprises Pty Ltd Public Foundation ORG   Healingdom Eco-Health Enterprises Pty Ltd Public Foundation COM  

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